Indeed, skin reflects moments of life, and above them all, the time of year. The season influences the skin functioning and thus, needs vary from summer to winter. You wouldn’t go to Iceland with short sleeves in February, right ? That is why CODAGE designed OH MY COLD, a seasonal serum dedicated to the cold season, the trapper jacket for all skin types sensitised by the cold.


Covering the skin up, the face serum OH MY COLD is at once light and smooth, to instantly moisturize, repair and soothe the skin during the winter months. Its fluidity allows this serum, higly concentrated in nutrients, to enter deep into all layers of the epidermis to act efficiently on cells, to repair skin’s confort and softness, and reinforce its natural defenses. This serum can be used pre-coseasonally to prevent skin disorders caused by the cold or strong winds.


serum-hiverOH MY COLD protects, repairs, and regenerates the skin with water and lipids for a maximal protection and optimal, long-lasting moisturization, in extreme cold conditions. A wise combination of several hyaluronic acids and moisturizing actives work in synergy throughout the epidermis to retain water and restore the barrier function of the outter layer of the skin, while a unique active from Antartic glaciers boosts cells regeneration, skin renewal, its healing process and tolerance towards cold weather, for a suppler, softer and healthy skin. Get more details on this active from Antartic glaciers.

Several soothing and repairing agents all extracted from organic oat and wild acanthus from the French mountains, restore skin’s integrity as well as improve tolerance against environmental aggression and soothe rough patches.


  • • Increases water retention within all epidermis layers: the upper layers for instant and long-lasting moisturization.
  • • Stimulates cell renewal, collagen production and healing process.
  • • Reinforces skin natural defenses,  les défenses naturelles de la peau, restaure la fonction de barrière.
  • • Soothe twinges and rough patches.



Instruction of Use

Apply two drops of the serum in the morning and at night all over a cleaned face and decolleté. Complete your routine by applying a day cream and a night cream once the serum absorbed. Using a moisturizing mask once to twice a week will make the most out of your daily skincare.


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