This summer trust your biorythm with CODAGE

This summer trust your biorythm with CODAGE

Ultra-sensitive in winter, dehydrated in summer… The needs of the skin change with the seasons: it is the cutaneous biorhythm. To provide your skin with the best possible care, you have to make sure to take in account the seasonal needs of the skin. CODAGE guides you to take care of your skin during this transitioning spring-summer season.


Last days of spring, summer around the corner: what is happening to my skin?

Sunny days are back, and so are the outdoors activities. This also means that the skin gets more sun exposure… and the skin might suffer from it. So what happens exactly to your skin in the summertime?

Skin is dehydrated: when exposed to heat, skin pores open up and water comes out. The skin’s natural barrier – the hydrolipidic film – is damaged: this phenomenon causes cutaneous dehydration. Since skin cannot produce its own water, it reacts to this distress by enhancing sebum production. T-Zone starts to shine, small spots may appear and skin may feel tugging.

Skin is dry: new season, new aggression factors. UV exposure, waxing, shaving repeatedly or even AC are a few of the numerous factors that can weaken the skin’s protection mechanisms, dry the epiderm and enhance skin sensitivity.

No doubt: in order to prepare your skin to the coming summer, your body skincare routine has to be updated a little and your new products will have to match the seasonal needs.


1. How to prepare your skin for the next steps of the routine?

The first key move to ensure care product absorption? Good and gentle cleansing. In this delicate spring-summer transitioning season, we are all for a soft cleanse with the Hand & Body Cleansing Gel: it removes all impurities to leave a soft, clean skin, ready for the routine. Next step: exfoliating. Once to twice a week, exfoliating helps get rid of dead cells and gives a boost to cell regeneration: go for our last innovation, the Exfoliating Balm! It also ensures an even tanning, perfect for this skin prep’ period.

Hand & Body Cleansing Gel Exfoliating Balm

2. How to act at the heart of the body epidermis?

Hydrate, nourish. The two key words to meet the needs of the skin in spring-summer. The Intense Moisturizing Concentrated Body Milk is the best ally of thirsty skin: since first application, it deeply hydrates the epiderm. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it visibly gives the skin a plump. It is comfortable and supple. And because the season is full of aggressions (sunburns, shaving irritation…), the Skin Recovery Concentrated Body Milk provides the cutaneous metabolism with a unique cocktail of repairing, soothing and restructuring agents. For other targeted skin needs (dark spots, cellulite, water retention, loss of firmness…), discover now the collection of Concentrated Body Milks CODAGE and find just the right one for your skin type.

Intense Moisturizing - Concentrated Body Milk Skin Recovery - Concentrated Body Milk

3. How do I finish my routine with a protection step?

For a flawless finish, the protection step is essential: it perfects the benefits of the routine. Because not all of us have the same sensory preferences, CODAGE proposes two unique textures to provide the skin with a true protective shield: The Oil, a mix of 8 protecting, soothing and moisturizing synergic oils or the nourishing and softening Hand & Body Lotion.

The Oil Hand & Body Lotion


Now that your skin is ready for it, head right into the summer with CODAGE!