Pigmentation spots are changes in skin color associated with aging and other factors. They can be hyperpigmented (brown, red, pink) or hypopigmented (white). These spots are often caused by UV exposure, aging, hormonal changes, certain diseases, and skin inflammation.


1. How to prevent their appearance?

To prevent pigmentation spots, it is essential to protect yourself from UV rays by avoiding prolonged sun exposure and using a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 20, or even a total sunblock. Certain diseases and photosensitizing medications can also cause spots.

2. How is Serum N°04 a targeted solution for your skin?
CODAGE SERUM N°04 is specially formulated to treat pigmentation spots and other pigmentation issues. Its Nutri-Element, Tc, Sea Lily extract (Pancratium maritimum), a flower found on Mediterranean coasts known for its resistance to sea spray, effectively acts on skin pigmentation. It is effective for acquired spots related to lifestyle, environmental factors, hormonal changes, and even light genetic spots such as freckles. A powerful antioxidant complex complements this formula to reinforce the skin's natural defenses and better prevent the appearance of new pigmentation issues. The complexion regains its uniformity.

According to a clinical study conducted on a panel of fifteen individuals for 84 days, Sea Lily extract, used at a concentration of 1.5% and applied twice daily, showed significant results:
  • Reduction of brown spot surface area by up to 63% after 42 days.
  • Brightening of brown spots by up to 61.5% after 84 days.
  • Decrease in the difference between skin pigmentation and spot pigmentation by up to 53%.

3. How can I restore a radiant, even complexion?

By using CODAGE SERUM N°04, you can take control of your pigmentation issues and regain a more radiant and even complexion. Don't let pigmentation spots dull your skin any longer. Trust CODAGE for a more radiant and balanced complexion.

Restore an even, radiant complexion!

Your skin deserves the best, and the Serum n°04 is here to give it exactly that.