The Triptyque, your new customizable set of serums

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CODAGE Paris launches its new Triptyque, an ultra customisable box consisting of 3 serums to choose according to the skin problems and desires. Each skin is unique, with needs that change according to the seasons in the same way as your diet, your lifestyle, your daily life … and your desires! It’s the same with your skincare. The skin deserves a special attention adapted daily.

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With Triptyque, CODAGE revolutionises the beauty’s world by allowing everyone to compose their own mixology of serums on a daily basis. You will be free to choose them, one by one, according to the needs of your skin and your desires to form a kit of 3 face serums of 10ml and/or 5ml each. The box also exists in a ready-to-wear version, carefully composed by CODAGE experts to answer targeted skin problems.

How to use your Triptyque?

CODAGE Paris ensures that everyone can determine his or her custom Triptyque.

1st option : Changing serum each day according to your daily needs.

2nd option : Applying each of the serums according to the Mix & Match principle.


The Mix & Match

For daily customisation, we recommend to apply your 3 face serums according to the Mix & Match. Each serum can be used alone or combined with another one according to the 3 following techniques :

Mixing : Mix the serums together in the palm of your hand before an application on your face.

Zoning : Apply each one on a specific area of ​​the face according to the different needs of your skin.

Layering : Apply your 3 serums one after the other, layer by layer. Depending on these 3 modes of application, the Triptyque can therefore meet the priority and occasional needs of your skin for a 100% adapted skincare routine.

“We believe that beauty goes through the nutrition of the skin wisely”


Step 1: Identify your needs

At first, it is about asking yourself the right questions in order to identify your 3 needs. That’s why we put at your disposal our CODAGE experts to help you answer these questions and to advise you in a personalised way. For those connected, you will be able to make your skin diagnosis online. Real Skin Care Concierges ensure a personalized response within 24 hours. For those who want to benefit from the CODAGE House experience with immediate feedback, you can go directly to one of our partners or to the House CODAGE located in Paris.


Here’s an example of questions you might have to ask yourself:

– Do I need hydration?

– Do I need more firmness?

– Do I need an instant boost?

– Do I need to smooth my wrinkles?

– Do I want to remove my imperfections and/or my pigment spots?

– Do I have any redness that I would like to blur?

– Do I have under-eye puffiness and/or dark circles to erase?

trptyqueStep 2: Choose 3 serums from the ready-to-wear collection

Our collection is composed of 12 serums for the face and 2 for the eye contour. A range that wants to be wide to meet the needs of each type of skin. After having identified your needs, take a box and compose it with 3 different face serums of your choice in 10ml and/or 5ml format (knowing it equals to 1 month of use for a daily application morning and evening).

You can find the list as well as the details of the actives and nutri-elements of each serum in the COLLECTION space of our website.

Step 3: At home, adapt your care

Take home with you your customised Triptyque and see the effectiveness of a moment of care that perfectly targets your skin problems.

A little anecdote: The packaging of the box is practical & innovative, with colors that change depending on the light. A small wink to the colors of our different CODAGE face serums 😉

The CODAGE READY TO WEAR Triptyque Collection

Paris has also created a Ready-To-Wear Triptyque collection that takes the essentials of the range and adapts to the seasons, to fully meet your desires and needs.

Triptyque PAP 1

The Triptyque ESSENTIEL brings together the 3 best-sellers of the CODAGE face serums collection. It brings moisture and radiance to the skin while smoothing wrinkles. A very chic wardrobe that nourishes deeply and boosts radiance for a rejuvenated and luminous skin on a daily basis.

Triptyque Saisonier 2The Triptyque SAISONNIER is an elegant blend of 3 facial edition serums that respond to seasonal skin problems for the coming year. High performance solutions targeted to reveal moisturized, radiant and protected skin all year long.

DSC03522A special offer only for you !

Benefit from an attractive offer :


Find now the Triptyque on and at the CODAGE Parisian House- 8, rue du Trésor 75004 Paris and at our CODAGE partners, participating in the operation.

* the cheapest of 3.