Our tips to make your hands beautiful

Beautiful Hands

Our hands say a lot abour us. Our hands are the body part that is displayed and seen the most after our face. True ambassadors, they reflect our personalities, our lives and the time that passes. They serve to communicate, to give, to receive, to share, to feel, to work, to produce, to charm, to love … This “organ of the possible” as the poet Paul Valéry liked to call them must be pampered with special attention: if we think of taking care of our face skin, it should be the same for the one of our hands.

Our hands tell the story of our life

Les mains racontent qui nous sommes

Like a true portrait of our personality, they hide or show themselves, wear gloves, jewels or nail polish to look more sophisticated, or choose to be natural. They also bear the stigma of our lives, which makes them so unique and touching: firm and determined businessman’s hands, intellectual’s hands with a curved middle finger affected by regular use of pen, gardener’s, linger’s, musician’s, dancer’s hands: each with its marks, each with its scars, with each its defects. But why are these stigmas so present on their surface?

The skin of our hands is so fragile and special

The skin of the hands has a unique physiology that is built on the use we gave it over time. Two areas stand out with their own characteristics:

• The skin of the palms, fingertips and thumbs has a thick and strong epidermal horny layer, is rich in connective and fat tissues, is protected by pressure-insensitive tissues, has no hair or sebaceous glands (they normally produce sebum, which nourishes the skin with lipids and some hygroscopic components), is depleted in pigment (melanin), has a very high density of sweat glands and is limited in Natural Moisturizing Factor. This is the area that is most used daily in our manual activities.
• The dorsal skin has on the other hand almost no fat tissues, is particularly fine, it possesses only very fine hairs and very few sebaceous and sweat glands in comparison with other parts of the body. It is the area that is most exposed to daily environmental stress and is the most affected with age.

Because of this physiological composition our hands are vulnerable: their protective shield, the hydrolipidic film, is totally or even partially non-existent. Add to this the over-solicitation of our daily activities (intensified since the Covid-19 health crisis) and the various harmful environmental influences (pollution, sun, wind, humidity, bad weather, infectious germs etc): this shield is often damaged and altered (leading to dehydration or even dryness), which explains why hands tend to mark faster than other body part.

Our hands reflect the passage of time

Mains marquées par l'âge

With age, the skin of the hands is submitted to transformation, as on the rest of the body. It tends to age as fast as our neck, even sometimes faster than our face.

The sebaceous and sweat glands are less and less numerous with age and their activity is reduced. In parallel cell renewal is slower and skin repair processes are weakened. Dehydration and dryness are increasing because the protective shield is less and less efficient. The dorsal epidermis, already very fine, is refining even more, letting the veins and tendons show through. It also tends to lose firmness and wrinkles, and pigmentation disorders appear (including age spots).

It is really important to take care of our hands, in order to prevent the appearance of this signs of aging.

Discover the CODAGE hand skincare routine to take good care of your hands

Because of its physiological constitution the skin of the hands needs a regular lipid renewal, an hydration intake, a protection against environmental aggressions and sometimes help to reduce the visible signs of skin aging. To achieve this, CODAGE offers you a skincare routine, specifically adapted to this area of the body.

1/ Prepare your hand skin

Gel lavant mains

Cleansing your hands is an essential step in your beauty routine, but it involves an clear skin enemy that we tend to forget: water. To avoid worsening the state of your skin during this crucial step:

• Use warm water to wash your hands (very hot or very cold water has to be avoided).
• Chose a gentle cleansing product, without sulaftes, that respects your hand skin, like the Hand & Body Cleansing Gel 300 ml of CODAGE.
• Once or twice a week, perform a scrub to stimulate cell renewal, our Exfoliating Balm 200ml is ideal with its oily texture to help to remove dead cells while offering a nourishing veil of softness to your hands.
• Wipe your hands carefully so that water residue does not dry out your skin.

2/ Act on your hand skin problematics

This step should be done during your night routine just before sleeping to let the highly concentrated actives infuse the whole night under the protective shield of a lotion or a cream. To answer specific skin problems such as dryness, age spots, skin aging or sensitized skin, you can then apply one of our milk-serum highly concentrated in active ingredients:

Concentrated Body Milk Intense Moisturizing,
Concentrated Body Milk Anti-Spots and Lightener,
Concentrated Body Milk Anti-Aging and Firming,
Concentrated Body Milk Skin Recovery.

3/ Protect your hand skin

The ultimate secret for beautiful hands? A skincare to always have nearby, ready to use to help maintain the hydrolipidic film that protects your skin. Since the arrival of sanitary measures to fight COVID-19 our frequency of hand washing has increased dramatically, this step has become essential in order not to let our hands deteriorate faster than usual. CODAGE has two ideal solutions for you:

• The Hand & Body Lotion 300 ml, an ideal format to have at home for the whole family, which will leave your skin soft and comfortable thanks to nourishing and soothing active ingredients. Keep it close to your Hand & Body Cleansing Gel 300 ml for a systematic use after every hand wash in the day.
• The Hand Cream 75ml, a nomadic format, which is an expert skincare product, including powerful nourishing, soothing and anti-aging ingredients.
• The Oil by CODAGE, a mixture of 8 exceptional oils is ideal to bring a particular care to the cuticles, or even an intense nourishing action to all the hand skin.

In the context of manual professions where hands are even more involved (farmers, fishermen, doctors, caregivers, hairdressers, aestheticians, mechanics, cleaners, workers, catering staff, bakers …) or even during winter weather periods with very rough climate conditions, it is also important in addition to the regular application of a cosmetic routine to protect your hands with gloves
Routine mains

Discover the ultimate CODAGE Hand Treatment at our partner spas

You can book an additional hand treatment for any facial and/or body treatment performed at one of our partner spas. This complete hand treatment (scrub, peeling & massage) smoothes, intensely nourishes skin and lightens pigmentation spots. For beautiful hands, try out CODAGE products and treatments now! You’ll see, your hands will look more gorgeous than ever.