Meet Benjamin Camus Durant, golden key of the Roch Hotel & Spa


For the last 2 years, it is within an address embodying the Parisian chic that CODAGE Paris opened its Suite, with the presence of its Signature Spa, the “CODAGE Suite”. Discover Le Roch Hôtel & Spa*****, ideally located a few steps from the Opera Garnier and the Tuileries Garden. Set back from the hustle and bustle of the Saint-Honoré district, the Roch Hôtel & Spa is the new confidential spot on rue Saint-Roch. This 5-star hotel has chosen the CODAGE House for its wellness offer. From the room (welcome products) to its spa, CODAGE accompanies you during your stay. The CODAGE Suite also welcomes the hotel’s external clientele to offer a pure moment of well-being, while discovering our dedicated face & body protocols.


Benjamin Camus Durant, Chief Concierge at the Roch Hotel & Spa, shares his hotel experience with us today. Since its opening about 2 years ago, he and his team are present to accompany you before, during and after your stay: organisation, tours, visits, or restaurants. That is, whenever you feel the need!

C : Can you say a few words about the Roch Hotel & Spa ?

B: “The Roch Hotel & Spa is a boutique hotel of 37 rooms including 5 suites, designed by Sarah Lavoine – a famous architect and interior designer- it is located in the heart of the 1st district of Paris, rue Saint Roch. For the little anecdote, I know that Parisians like to call our neighborhood “the village Saint Roch”, because it is a real neighborhood life precisely… people know and recognise each other ! “


C : What are the common values ​​between CODAGE Paris and the Roch Hotel & Spa ?

B : “For me, CODAGE represents a customized service through its serums, prescriptions and care protocols. It is in harmony with the values ​​of our hotel, which always seeks to adapt to our clientele. W always tend to identify the needs of each customer to be sure that we understand what he likes, what he is looking for … The CODAGE Spa is a nice parallel because the customers of the Roch Hotel & Spa appreciate it not only for its design & its comfort, but also for the experience it offers. Our customers love customisation and that’s what we’ve been trying to do for the last 2 years. “

C : CODAGE is present from the room (welcome products (*)) to the Spa. How is the CODAGE experience perceived by customers?

B: “We receive very good feedback on this subject ! The hotel’s customers are delighted to discover the CODAGE offer globally, from the room, with the welcoming products, to the CODAGE Suite and its exclusive protocols. CODAGE Paris accompanies them throughout their stay. Sometimes, the customers who have tested the welcoming products in the room make the approach to go to the Spa afterwards, because the textures & the perfumes are very appreciated. Some customers reach us for practical information about the House Codage, a good way to continue their experience with the brand !

Three things are remembered in particular : the smell, the texture and the quality of the products. Not to mention the positive feedback on the Spa practitioners. What is certain is that our customers love the brand. We can easily talk about alchemy with CODAGE : because the result is there and that’s what customers love “.

Spa Codage - Roch Hotel

C : On March 10th, the Spa CODAGE at the Roch Hotel & Spa ***** won the “Lodge & Hotel Award”, the Award for the most beautiful hotel spa area (**). Are you proud ?

B: “We are very proud because we were in front of very nice hotels from all over the world. We even had a statuette that is currently in the lobby! This is also a bonus that makes our customers curious to know more about our establishment. Our employees do not hesitate to present this distinction because we are aware of the true added value behind it “.


C :What sets The Roch Hotel & Spa apart from other hotels & spas?

B: “Personalisation. We always come back to the same thing. We can have the most beautiful hotel, the most beautiful spa, we have this little extra. This special attention to the customers, focused on the need. CODAGE is therefore a major force because this brand manages to address itself both to the grandmother, to the mother, to the young woman  and to the teenager, who clearly do not have the same expectations. And yet, is it the same brand, with the same quality. Each of them will be happy to say that she is buying her skincare at CODAGE. 


We thank Benjamin for his availability during this interview

Le Roch Hotel & Spa – 28 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris

(*)Products not available for sale. Only available at our partner hotels.


(**)List of competing hotels :Capture d’écran 2018-04-17 à 11.30.48