LANCEL X CODAGE are reinventing the art of travel

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We are pleased to introduce you to our new exclusive partnership. To accompany you in your future travels, Maison CODAGE launches in exclusive collaboration with LANCEL, a limited edition prescription that brings together all the essentials of the traveler, for a detoxified skin and bright of vitality. This is the ESCAPADE LANCEL by CODAGE, developed exclusively for you to follow you in your future trips with your new luggage LANCEL.


LANCEL, an exceptional house

Since 1876, LANCEL is one of the most prestigious Maison of luxury leather goods. Seduced by the quality and creativity she has always shown over the years, Maison CODAGE wanted to partner with LANCEL to offer you a prescription adapted to the time of travel. At the same time, this famous leather goods Maison decides today to reinvent the city and the journey by proposing you elegant, functional and modern designs. In line with the image of CODAGE, the LANCEL ESCAPADE prescription will have everything to seduce you to make the most of your holidays.


Excellence, a common value of the Maisons CODAGE & LANCEL

The two French Maisons CODAGE and LANCEL combine their expertise to offer you the exclusive ESCAPADE LANCEL prescription. A unique creation conceived around the world of care and travel, which brings together the expertise of these two brands, pioneers respectively in the world of made-to-measure cosmetics and Made in France luxury leather goods. True creators of excellence, CODAGE and LANCEL thus draw their know-how from the tradition and shake up the codes by proposing creations combining audacity, elegance and modernity. Much more than a partnership, the two French Maisons share the same vision of beauty, contemporary timelessness and quality.

codage redDiscover the LANCEL ESCAPADE prescription, the art of travel reinvented

CODAGE and LANCEL reinvent the art of travel. They propose in exclusive collaboration and in limited edition the ESCAPADE LANCEL prescription: a ready-to-wear 5-skin care routine that responds precisely to the needs of the skin when it is subject to the vagaries of the journey: jet lag, temperature or environment… Maison CODAGE has thought of a tailor-made routine that guarantees health and beauty to your skin during your escapades around the world.



Find out more about the LANCEL ESCAPADE prescription

This prescription allows to :

1. PREPARE with the Micellar Water – 50ml

Moisturizing, detoxifying & anti-pollution, the Micellar Water presents 4 actions in 1: It will cleanse, remove make-up, purify AND moisturize the skin in a single gesture to prepare it for the care that follows. We recommend this ritual morning and evening, since the skin must be cleansed twice a day.

Mockup_escapade_bylancel2. ACT with the following 2 serums :

◊ Serum N°01 – 10ml Intense Moisturizing: In addition to the Serum N ° 3,  the Serum N ° 1 is recommended for a night application with the aim of nourishing your often dry skin on the surface, following temperature changes. Immerse yourself in a real  bath of hydration.

◊ Serum N°03 – 10ml Radiance & Energy : Recommended for a morning application, the Serum N ° 3 Radiance & Energy will detoxify and erase all signs of cutaneous fatigue, and thus help you restore a skin full of vitality.


3. PROTECT  the skin with our 2 face creams (Day Cream & Night Cream). Note that it is important that your skin is protected by a moisturizer. They will have a shield role by protecting the upper layer of the skin from external aggression and insensible water loss.




◊ Day Cream – 15ml

The CODAGE Day Cream will protect, smooth and give radiance to your skin. Melt for a fine & fresh texture that will moisturize and protect your skin all day long. An immediate radiance boost !




◊ Night Cream – 15ml

Nourishing, anti-aging and detoxifying, discover in our Night Cream a rich, nourishing and non-sticky texture. Wake up with a smooth and plump skin.


Discover a customized CODAGE animation in the LANCEL (Opéra) shop in Paris


From May 26th to 28th, 2018, enjoy an exceptional moment in the boutique LANCEL – 8, Place de l’Opera, 75009, Paris – where you can meet Cléo, our expert CODAGE, who will offer you a face and / or a personalized hand care during your visit in the LANCEL shop.

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Where to find the ESCAPADE LANCEL prescription ?

The ESCAPADE LANCEL prescription is exclusively on sale at the price of 90 € in the 58 LANCEL shops and corners, at Maison CODAGE and online at

Then, know that from 400 € spent on the LANCEL trip range, a ESCAPADE LANCEL prescription will be offered (also available for individual sale).