How to prevent and treat acne from your mask?

Les solutions contre le Maskné

Acne, redness, rashes, itchiness and other skin problems are sometimes the price to pay for being COVID safe… We tell you how to fight breakouts caused by wearing a mask!




Maskne is a blend of the words mask and acne and refers to any acne or skin irritation that occurs on a person’s face from regularly wearing a face mask. There are several possible explanations for this:

  • The maceration effect: stuck under a mask all day long, the skin of our face suffocates. It is no longer optimally oxygenated, which leads to various skin reactions: excess sebum, dilated pores, blackheads, microcysts, pimples, redness, etc.
  • The repeated pressure and rubbing of the mask on the skin can cause itching, irritation, intense dryness or contact eczema.
  • The heat under the mask and the condensation from breathing, which increases excess humidity, make the masked areas (nose, cheeks and chin) the ideal environment for bacterial proliferation and therefore for imperfections.

In fact, when attacked, the skin tries to defend itself and reacts, resulting in skin disorders and unfortunate episodes ranging from localized dryness to acne outbreaks.




Don’t worry, maskne is not a fatality! Here are our solutions and tips you should adopt on a daily basis to prevent acne and other mask skin irritations. Discover the few golden rules:

  • Change your mask often (every 4 hours at the most) to avoid making your skin problems worse.
  • Remove it as often as possible to let your skin breathe.
  • Reduce the application of make-up, so as not to clog the skin even more!
  • Adapt your skincare routine to correct blemishes and prevent from the appearance of new ones.




1- A double cleansing morning and evening

This technique involves two distinct steps: makeup removal (with our Cleansing Balm or Micellar Water) to rid the skin of makeup residues and pollution, then cleansing (with our Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Cream) to complete makeup removal, detoxify and cleanse more deeply. Performed morning and evening, double cleansing removes impurities, regulates sebum production, reoxygenates and purifies the skin.

Double cleansing

2- Light hydration in the morning

Dehydration makes the epidermis even more fragile and sensitive. But too much moisture can overload the epidermis, especially when the skin tends to be more oily than usual. The good compromise? Light, fluid textures. The ideal products: our Serum N°2 Anti-Shine and Imperfections, followed by our Matifying and Protective Day Fluid.

Serum N°02 Day Fluid

3- Richer skincare in the evening

In the evening however, we opt for more generous skincare products, such as our iconic Night Cream with its richer formula and texture for an intense cellular regeneration, or our Skin Recovery Serum for deep skin repair overnight.

Serum Skin Recovery Night Cream

4- A double exfoliation

To remove dead cells (which clog pores and dull the complexion) but also to help the skin breathe better, we recommend double exfoliation once a week:

  • A first exfoliation with our Micro-Peeling Mask, acting without friction thanks to the presence of Fruit Acids (AHA) and Salycilic Acid (BHA) or with our Scrubbing Cream allowing a mechanical exfoliation thanks to fine rice particles. These two products help to get rid of impurities, dead cells and excess sebum, while stimulating epidermal tone and cell renewal.
  • A second, gentler exfoliation, using our Moisturizing and/or Purifying Masks, both of which contain an Enzymatic Peeling in addition to their ingredients treating specific needs.
Double Exfoliation

Now you know how to take care of the pimples that bloom under your mask! Remember that wearing a mask is essential in the fight against Covid-19, in order to protect yourself and the people around you. Take care!