CLEO, our CODAGE expert at the C-WHITE



Meet Cléo, our CODAGE expert at the C-White Spa. High-end coaching center recognized for its personalized sports sessions, the center is located at 127 Rue du Faubourg St. Honore, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, near the Champs Elysees. For almost 4 months now, you can find our brand CODAGE Paris within the C-White spa area. Cléo is ready today to play an interview to share her beauty tips!


When should we start preparing our body for summer?

“It’s clear that you have to take care of your body throughout the whole year, but after the excesses of the winter with the long meals at the end of the year, spring is the turning point before the summer. It’s normal to feel the need to take care of our body, it’s important to listen to it, so the April-May transition is THE perfect time to detox your skin and body. “

Between the coaching sessions and the CODAGE beauty care, should we make a choice or combine them?

“I think we have to combine them because the coaching sessions are complementary with my beauty care sessions.When the coaching session goes through exercises such as cardio, muscle building or stretching – to avoid aches and pains- the treatment will complement these sessions for more efficiency and results. So exercizing is a preparation before the rituals of skincare and gives the result to the client more easily. “


DSC05656What kind of beauty care are you offering ?

“At the C-White Spa, I’m focused on body care knowing that I also have to do some face care – the one I tend to do most often is the Slimming & Drainage. I always start with a diagnosis with my client to understand which coaching program has been started in order to determine the most appropriate beauty care. I am also in a permanent contact with the coaches who guide me to understand the needs of the client. “

What is the “Slimming & Draining” treatment ?

“The Slimming & Drainage treatment lasts 60 minutes: I help my client to choose a CODAGE concentrated body milk after a first exchange and I proceed to the massage according to the CODAGE protocol.This is a first phase of drainage, then a slimming phase ( methods of palpate rolling, kneading, deep smoothing) to have a result anti-cellulite & anti-orange peel. The treatment chosen is completely personalized, but most of the time, the”Slimming & Drainage concentrated body milk” is the one that I use the most after the coaching sessions because it is very effective on “rebel” areas and on other parts of the body that require less work (such as the back for example). I may have to apply other milks such as “Intense Hydration” concentrated body milk. “

How many coaching sessions are needed to have lasting results?

“The clients come 2 to 3 times a week for their coaching sessions. It is an average from which we can see the result. But then, it all depends of each one’s morphology. Currently, the C-White offers a detox cure : a 4-days cure where the client is followed throughout the day. He must be available and present at the center at least 4 times for snacks (morning, midday, afternoon tea and dinner). This diet is composed only of fruits and vegetables, dietary supplements are also given, as well as draining and detoxifying waters. Customers can also enjoy 3 hours of sports per day including 1 hour of cardio, 1 hour of muscle building and 1 hour of stretching. It ends with a massage in the CODAGE Spa for 1 hour as well. Every person is measured/weighed at the beginning and at the end of the treatment.” “


What is the result after this 4-day detox cure ?

“The results? I will say between 1kg and 4kg of loss after the 4 days of cure. A whole program is set up afterwards to integrate little by little the proteins and the rest of the foods. It consists of a less intensive sports program as well as a food rebalancing and personalised CODAGE beauty care. “


What CODAGE treatment do you recommend ?

“The tailor-made body treatment: it lasts 1h30 and is very complete. After a 15 minutes diagnosis during which I will determine the needs of the client, we will choose the concentrated body milks of the ready-to-wear range which will be used during the massage. Depending on the request, I can target the areas to be emphasised. During this 1h15 massage all parts of the body will be stimulated, from head to toe through the face. This is clearly one of my favorite beauty care! When you have opted for a slimming treatment, our Slimming & Drainage care is the most suitable. It is less customizable. “

Which CODAGE products do you recommend after your care? And how often to use them ?

“At the beauty care level, I recommend the concentrated body milk used during the massage according to what was chosen with the client. I also recommend the exfoliating balm for the body scrub because the active ingredients of the concentrated body milk will be more effective on an brand new exfoliated skin, without dead cells. “


◊What is your favorite CODAGE product ?

“Without hesitation, the 3 in 1 CODAGE dry oil! I fell in love with its smell and dry texture.The fact that it is multi-action also plays a role because I can either apply it on my face, on my body than on my hair (as a mask or for styling effet on dry hair) and the fact that there are only noble oils makes it a little more unique! It does not stick, it is not greasy and will act differently depending on the areas where I will apply it. It is also an oil that I use during my Couture care, for scalp massages (applied in small quantities) and for hand, nails or cuticles massages”.

How to have a result over time?

“The result over time will depend on each person. The skin varies a lot depending on the diet and physical activity. For example, salt will cause water retention if it is consumed without moderation. On the other hand, drinking lots of water will promote drainage and ensure real effectiveness when applying my draining and firming treatments, so you have to watch your diet while keeping the right balance. “