UNDER-EYE POUCHES : causes & treatments

Under-eye pouches, as dark circles, are caused by either or both endogenous (i.e. inherrited) and exogenous (i.e. lifestyle) factors. Exogenous factors can be mastered to reduce under-eye pouches volume. Lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol and anxiety, as well as aging, are the most common factors. That’s why pouches volume varies from day to day and tend to grow bigger with age.


          What are under-eye pouches ? The exogenous factors mentionned above damage the skin looser. The capillaries around the orbital area become less permeable, allowing water leakages. Meanwhile, the lymphatic system -which role is to eliminate toxines out of the metablism- is slown down, making the draining of fat particles difficult. They stagnate in the tissues, causing an inflammation, also called oedema.



To reduce under-eye pouches, one must :

1.Stop water leakage by reinforcing capillaries resistance.

2Drain water and fat particles by reactivating the micro-circulation in the area.


4Restore skin elasticity and firmness to limit the “pouch” effect.



[Pc], the Nutri-element anti-puffiness, has been formulated to prevent this type of inflammation in the tissues, and thus reduce the under-eye pouches. It is composed of three natural extracts to reinforce the resistance of capillaries, and associated to a tetrapeptide with anti-edemic properties which reduces puffiness within 14 days. 

Among the three natural extracts, a yeast extract that increases cells consommation of oxygen, aerates the tissues and stimulates the micro-circulation to help the elimination of water and fat particles. This action is reinforced by an extract of plant that significatively drains out fat particles stocked, resulting in 52% reduction of puffiness volume. 

A beetroot extract helps maintain an optimal level of moisturization and boosts collagen synthesis to improve capillaries integrity and overall firmness (+62% improvement in smoothing aspect).

All active ingredients are carefully selected for their proven efficacy and synergetic actions, altoghether.