Embrace the trio serums all the way of summer!

Long afternoons by the pool, sun exposure, sand and sea salt… There is no getting away from it: by the end of summer holidays, the skin is thickened and vulnerable, complexion is dull. It is calling for help but not to worry: CODAGE suggests you the ultimate trio to meet the specific needs of the skin after the summer holidays.



In the summertime, heat and UV rays weaken the hydrolipidic barrier. It is therefore necessary to compensate this water and nutritive elements loss for the skin to feel supple and comfortable again. The right product for the job? It’s the Serum n°01, a 9-assets combo designed with ultra-moisturizing ingredients. The moisturizing complex of Erythritol and Homarine as well as Rose stem-cells are a perfect addition to this serum for intense moisturization. Also, it is enriched with a combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that ensures a deep and even penetration of the moisturizing and nourishing agents. Silky skin mode: on!

serum n°01 face serum



After its struggle against external aggressions all summer long, the skin is exhausted by the end of holidays. Radiance and tone loss, wrinkles and fine line… It is time for the Serum N°08 to work its magic: along with retinoids, the Night Rejuvenating serum is enriched with a fabulous combination of anti-ageing, toning and brightening agents to stimulate and enhance cell regeneration. Relaxed, smooth features and glowy complexion: the skin is good as new!

serum Serum N°08



Sea salt chlorine, wind, sand and sun, summer holidays aren’t always soft with your skin. Rashes, redness, irritation, toxin buildup and other blemishes can appear. In this case, just give the Skin Recovery Serum a try: a deeply appeasing and repairing cocktail to make good the summer damage on your skin. This product combines the detoxifying benefits of Green Seaweed and Tree with Silk to the repairing powers of Centella Asiatica and Acanthus. The result of its multi-action? A detoxified, appeased, smoothed repaired skin and an even, radiant, spotless complexion.

skin recovery skincare serum


Moisturization, rejuvenation, repair: solo or combined, you just have to choose yours to give your skin a beautiful back-to-school complexion with CODAGE!