This spring, recharge your skin with CODAGE!

Recharge your skin with CODAGE

Every day, skin has to face numerous counts of aggressions: pollution, UV rays, screen light or even high levels of stress induce the production of free radicals – responsible for premature skin aging – and fragilize the hydrolipid barrier that usually fights these assaults. As it has spent the whole winter combating these phenomenons – that are particularly tough during the cold season –, skin addresses spring with deep fatigue: it does not have the necessary resources to tackle these attacks. CODAGE Paris offers you THE perfect program for this issue: recharge the batteries to retrieve a skin full of vitality!



Countless factors tire and harm the skin daily: pollution, stress, hormonal changes, unhealthy diet, screen light or even sunlight, they all have an impact on the cutaneous metabolism. In response, skin generates oxidative stress and produces free radicals. Free radicals damage the cells and ultimately, lead to premature skin ageing. Deprived from producing hyaluronic acid and elastine (structural proteins) and cluttered with impurities, skin starts to wrinkle, complexion is dull and tired.

To help the skin fight this phenomenon and boost up its natural defenses, CODAGE, the French House of cosmetology, designed two Nutri-Elements, packed with protective agents:

  • [Po] – the [Anti-pollution] Nutri-Element: this genuine shield protects the skin against polluting agents and stimulates its natural defenses by boosting the production of barrier-cells (keratinocytes). Designed from a purifying vegetal matrix, it keeps the impurities from adhering to the skin. Freed from heavy metals (coming from air pollution), from free radicals (coming from UV exposure) and from chemicals at its surface, the skin is deeply purified: it recovers strength and radiance, natural defenses are built up again.
  • [Ao] – the [Antioxidant] Nutri-Element: this cocktail of protective agents acts directly against free radicals to decrease their production and stop their harmful effect. Thanks to a protective Tetrapeptide, [Ao] increases the cells’ vitality and prevents oxidative stress-induced damage on the DNA. Lastly, enriched with green micro-seaweed that has exceptional properties, this Nutri-Element enables the hydration mechanism to strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin: it retrieves suppleness and elasticity, wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Protective, hydrating, purifying, regenerating… [Ao] and [Po] are now key Nutri-Elements to beautiful, healthy skin; an efficiency all the more appreciated when sunny days return and the natural defenses of the skin are at their lowest.

anti-pollution and antioxidant codage nutri-element the art of formulation



To include these two Nutri-Elements to your skincare routine, CODAGE comes up with a simple yet effective skincare ritual:


We are now on a skin purifying mission: it is the perfect time to adopt double cleansing. Double what? We tell you everything about double cleansing here!

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2/ ACT

It is now time to act with the Spring Break Serum: in addition to the Nutri-Elements [Anti-pollution] and [Antioxidant], this overperforming serum has amazing detoxifying, repairing and illuminating virtues. The ideal combination to re-energize the skin after a long and tiring winter season.

spring break codage serum recharge our skin in spring


On fragilized skin, no oversight on the protecting step: the Day Cream acts as a genuine anti-pollution filter and is enriched with strong antioxidant agents that support the overall action of the routine. With a non-greasy finish, it moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft and comfortable for the whole day. Just add a spray of the Moisturizing and Energizing Skin Care Water for finishing touches; put it in your purse to maintain the [Anti-pollution] and [Antioxidant] properties of the routine until your night skincare!

codage day cream codage skin care water


The results of this routine? Plumped, vitalized and radiant skin, natural defenses are boosted and the cutaneous system is protected against free radicals, all thanks to CODAGE!