This spring, boost your skin energy with CODAGE!

Energize your skin with CODAGE

You suddenly feel as if your tired and dull complexion needs a little boost? That is quite normal. In fact, springtime is a time of renewal, and it calls for skin metabolism revitalization to recover smooth, radiant skin. To help your skin awaken and retrieve its natural glow in the spring, CODAGE developed the perfect energizing skincare routine thanks to [Radiance], this season’s flagship Nutri-Element.



That is the feat of strength achieved by CODAGE Paris through the Nutri-Element [Radiance]. Thanks to a combination of carefully selected ingredients, this Nutri-Element literally awakens the skin to provide it with luminosity and vitality. Let’s decode this original cocktail of overperforming actives.

  • Boosting the energetic mechanism of the skin : vegetal Taurine (from red seaweed) is an amino acid that intensely stimulates energy production of skin cells. It also helps the skin to struggle against oxidative stress and pollution-linked dehydration. As a result, skin and eye-contour are perfectly smoothed: it is full of energy, and it shows.
  • Energizing the skin : the Murunga Plum Extract enhances the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and enhances the absorption of Vitamin C for a visibly unified skin tone: wrinkles are lifted, complexion is fresh and glowy.
  • Enhancing skin radiance : the Belle de Nuit Extract, also known as the Wonder of Perou, is well named indeed. The natural antioxidant helps to combat free radicals (responsible for premature skin ageing and dull complexion). It also stimulates microcirculation to reveal unified skin and incredibly luminous skin tone.
radiance nutri-element the art of formulation



For the best results, CODAGE includes the [Radiance] Nutri-Element to a springtime care routine for exceptionally glowy and vitalized skin. For reenergizing the skin and retrieving radiant complexion, there are 3 steps to follow!


An effective routine always starts with a diligent double cleansing technique: unclogging the pores and getting rid of impurities is the best way to ensure a good absorption of care products. Our perfect cleanser duo for spring is clearly the Cleansing Balm associated to the Cleansing Cream:

  • The Cleansing Balm has a transforming balm-in-oil-in-milk texture that not only removes all residues and impurities from the skin’s surface, but also provides nourishing, detoxifying and soothing benefits to the skin.
  • The Cleansing Cream deeply detoxifies the cutaneous tissues and provides it with hydration and comfort. Thanks to apricot kernel oil, it is the first step to glowy skin.
codage cleansing balm codage cleansing cream

2/ ACT

The vitality and radiance boosting product of this spring is Serum N°03. Detoxifying and energizing, it is the best ally of dull and tired complexions. In addition to the Nutri-Element [Radiance], Serum N°03 is enriched with antioxidant ingredients and anti-fine lines peptides: a triple revitalizing action that boosts skin cells and helps them awaken after the winter time. Features appear rested, complexion is bright and healthy-looking.

codage radiance and energy serum an energized skin with codage


To perfect this “skin awakening” ritual, rely on the Day Cream, the moisturizing and protecting gesture of the routine. Thanks to its anti-pollution filter, it protects the skin against external aggressions. Moreover, it enhances the radiance-boosting and wrinkles-smoothing effects of Serum N°03. Lastly, to keep an impeccable mat complexion throughout the day, just spray the Energizing and Mattifying Skin Care Water: enriched with purifying and radiance-revealing agents, you can carry it anywhere for immediate glow effect!

codage day cream codage mattifying skincare water


Reenergized, smoothed and radiant, skin is finally ready to glow all spring long with CODAGE!