Moisturizing and soothing are your mantra for the summer prep’ with CODAGE

A summer with CODAGE for a moisturized skinA summer with CODAGE for a moisturized skin

CODAGE firmly believes in the reality of cutaneous biorhythm and the need to provide a season-adapted skincare. In the summertime, the sun and the heat are your skin’s number one priorities: exposing your skin to sunlight and summer heat without proper preparation equals to exposing it to irreversible damages. Rashes, dry skin, lack of comfort and premature skin aging are to be expected without anticipation of sun exposure. To avoid these mistakes, CODAGE is keeping you up to date on the specific needs of your skin during this summer season.


Spring to summer transition: what happens to my skin?

  • Dehydration: the skin does not have the ability to produce water; therefore, it is the hydrolipidic barrier that ensures its hydration by holding the water inside the tissues. When exposed to heat, this protective shield loses its power: skin is then dehydrated, tugging and does not feel comfortable. The cure? Drinking lots of water and provide your skin with the right hydrating care products to compensate for this water loss.
  • Oily skin: as a result of this heat-linked water loss, the cutaneous metabolism increases its sebum production. Add this to unavoidable summer perspiration and you can say hello to disgraceful oily skin. Then again: hydration combined to mattifying products are key.
  • Sunburn: these are the perfect illustration of how unprepared sun exposure can damage your skin. The face especially is a delicate zone that deserves extra care in the matter. Choose an adapted SPF, do not overexpose and focus on heat shield and soothing, antioxidating and hydrating care products.
  • Wrinkles, dark spots, rashes: there is a certain kind of sun radiations that is responsible for allergic reactions, small irritations or even hyperpigmentation spots on the skin. On another level, dehydrated skin is more likely to get wrinkles and fine lines. Complexion gets dull and uneven… Far from ideal sunkissed summer skin! That also explains the need for summer adapted skincare.
summer skin summer protection with codage


What about adding our CODAGE special edition Summer Time Serum in your routine?

To meet all the summertime specific needs of your skin, our beauty craftsmen developed the ultimate formula for summer skincare: the Summer Time Serum, a concentrate of targeted actives that provides the skin with all the nutrients it needs to get ready for the hot season. Packed with hydrating agents included in the Nutri-Element [Moisturizing], it makes your skin supple and comfortable again while avoiding unwanted sebum secretions. Wheat, rapeseed and Bamboo oil invluded in the Nutri-Element [Mattifying] come and support this mattifying action and a specific enzyme integrated in the Nutri-Element [Heat Protection] protects the cutaneous tissue from heat-related damage. The Nutri-Element [Antioxidant] composed of a protective tetrapeptide combined with green seaweed provide the skin with all the active it needs to fight oxidative stress. Lastly, a cocktail of Tamanu and Sesame oil included in the Nutri-Element [Tanning] boost tanning to achieve the perfect summer complexion.

summer time serum texture summer time serum skin ally

A routine with the Summer Time Serum? Easy peasy!

On cleansed skin, after a double cleansing step, apply just a few drops of your new go-to summer season Serum Summer Time. If you experience any kind of specific skin issue, don’t hesitate to Mix & Match it with other expert serums from our Prêt-à-porter collection. Finish off with a protective Day Cream and remember that, especially in this season, sunscreen is a must!


Sun cream in one hand and your Summer Time Serum in the other, you are now officially ready for the hot season!