Get ready for a sensual summer with CODAGE oils

CODAGE Oil Collection

Golden, luscious, sun-smelling skin, does that ring a bell to you? More than ever, CODAGE specifically values the sensorial aspect of its care products to provide you with game-changing textures.

Because you made The Oil a favorite, and our last year innovation, the Relaxing Oil, an icon, our beauty craftsmen are now back with two original formulas to awake your senses and recreate a spa moment…from home. The Contouring & Stimulating Oils are completing our oil collection: to each their own oil to enjoy the summer!

the oil collection of CODAGE


The Contouring Oil: get fresh!

Enriched with a refining essential oil synergy – peppermint, cypress and ginger among others- and some anti-cellulite, firming and restructuring plant extracts, it nourishes, firms up and instantly reshapes the cutaneous tissues. Applied in circular massaging movements, it enhances the elasticity of the body skin and supports the elimination of cellulite to make the skin appear smooth and toned up. A delicious moment smelling of citrus, wood and spice, perfect for the season!

contouring oil texture contouring oil CODAGE


The Stimulating Oil: get brand new!

Before or after a physical effort, this combination of a synergy of stimulating essential oils -eucalyptus, camphor, and peppermint among others- and soothing arnica montana flower extract, is the best ally of muscles this summer. It immediately relieves the tensions and leaves the skin deeply nourished, appeased and smelling of delicate mint and eucalyptus aromatic notes.

stimulating oil CODAGE sensoriality of stimulating oil


The Relaxing Oil: get unwind!

All of our anti-stress expertise gathered in a body care product: that is the promise of the Relaxing Oil, enriched with Cannabidiol to provide you with an instantly soothing effect. This product combines an ultra-calming synergy of relaxing essential oils – lavender and chamomile among others – to the relaxing effect of the hemp oil to allow you to just unwind and let go. Applied in circular motions, it penetrates the skin quickly and leaves it moisturized, hydrated and deeply soothed.

relaxing oil relieves all tensions from the body and the mind relaxing oil CODAGE


Simply The Oil

Iconic product of CODAGE, The Oil is a very unique formula of 8 exceptional oils: thanks to the moisturizing Coconut and the soothing Sweet Almond it provides the skin with comfort and elasticity. Meanwhile, Baobab and Macadamia contours the cutaneous tissues and enhances micro-circulation. Apricot gives it a radiance boost, Hazelnut protects its surface and Grape and Pomegranate prevent premature skin ageing. This overperforming oil leaves the body, face or hair delightfully perfumed with coconut, vanilla and peach.

The Oil by CODAGE silky oily texture


This summer, the oils by CODAGE provide you with nature’s benefits and have your senses travel: just choose yours!