What if you treat yourself to a facial mask(s) session at home? This week, CODAGE delivers its expert techniques to offer you an “exfoliation & mask(s)” session without leaving the comfort of your bathroom. Plus, relaxation and appeasement as a bonus!




Winter is coming soon and, let’s be honest, it’s so nice to stay home, huddled under the blankets, away from the cold weather. This week, CODAGE is offering you a special routine to do at home for a radiant skin and a relaxing moment without having to go to the institute! On the program: gentle exfoliation of the skin then mask(s) to leave on face for long minutes, enough to enjoy – from your bedroom or living room – a delicious homemade hot chocolate and to finish your current favorite series …



For a flawless and bright skin, as well as to create a home moment of relaxation equivalent to that of a spa, CODAGE recommends adopting its at home masking routine, consisting of applying – once or twice a week – an exfoliating treatment (exfoliating scrub or peeling) and then a mask selected according to the needs of your skin. Here are details and explanations of this two-step treatment:

Step 1:

On a previously cleansed skin, start by exfoliating your face to remove all the impurities on its surface, remove dead skin and scales and unclog pores. In addition to purifying the epidermis, exfoliation will aerate the skin and reactivate cell renewal and microcirculation, thus deeply regenerating skin. RESULT: in just a few minutes at home, you feel like you have “new skin”, your skin is smooth and fresh as after leaving the beauty salon!

Our expert products :

– For an effective but delicate exfoliation, respectful of the most sensitive skins, we recommend you to use our Scrubbing Cream that will exfoliate the face skin thanks to its rice grain particles while soothing the epidermis thanks to its shea butter.
Apply to dry skin, massaging gently in a circular motion until cream is absorbed, then rinse and dry skin.

Crème Gommante

– To go further, our Micro Peeling Mask has a triple exfoliating, lightening and anti-aging action for an immediate effect of new skin.
Apply to dry skin, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and then dry the skin.

Masque Micro Peeling

A tip from Charlotte, CODAGE’s expert:

If you don’t have enough time to include this exfoliation step in your usual skincare routine, you can always add a small amount of Scrubbing Cream to your Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Cream, then apply this mixture to the face with light circular massages, and rinse… And voilà!



Your skin – your mind too! – are now free of everything that was cluttering them up. It’s now time to treat your skin concerns in an effective and targeted way. That’s the role of a face mask: to provide the skin, for about twenty minutes, with all the elements and active ingredients it specifically needs. Besides, we enjoy these delightful free minutes to disconnect, refocus on oneself and create a real cocoon of relaxation at home.

Our expert products :

– For dehydrated skin, CODAGE Moisturizing Mask will intensely nourish the skin thanks to its many vegetable oils and waxes and will even reinforce the hydrolipidic film and rebuild the cutaneous barrier. An enzymatic peeling that will also allow your face to regain all its radiance and vitality, just like after expert treatment at the institute!
Apply to dry skin, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry by patting the face with a clean cloth.

Masque Hydratant CODAGE

– For combination to oily skin, CODAGE Purifying Mask will regulate sebum production thanks to its matifying and clarifying agents (clay and bamboo powder). The skin, purified, regains balance and relief.
Apply to dry skin, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry by patting the face with a clean cloth.

Masque Purifiant CODAGE

A tip from Charlotte, CODAGE’s expert:

If your skin is prone to several problems, it is possible to use the “multi-masking” technique, i.e. to apply different masks according to the needs of each area of the face. Thus, it is perfectly possible to apply the Purifying Mask on shiny areas in the T-zone and the Moisturizing Mask over the rest of the face for normal to combination skin: feel free to meet your needs!

A pampering moment like at the best spas, which, as a bonus, allows you to relax and recharge your batteries.