My cocooning night routine with CODAGE

After a long day of work, our faces need an extra second of care. CODAGE prepared a cocooning routine to pamper your skin before bedtime and transform your evening skincare routine into a real wellness ritual.



We know how hard it is, late at night, to resist the temptation to curl up under its cosy blankets. Yet, a proper skincare routine performed every night is essential to maintain a healthy skin over the long term. Why is it so important?

  • First of all because, in the course of a day, the skin accumulates multiple impurities on its surface. Between external aggressions (pollution, climate, etc.) and make-up, it needs, like us, to “empty itself” every evening and get rid of what is obstructing it.
  • Also, it is important to recall that it is during the night that the skin regenerates and repairs any “damage” caused during the day. While we sleep, our epidermis works at full capacity and is much more permeable to the treatments we have given it. This makes the evening the ideal time to take care of your skin and adopt rituals that will do wonders overnight!

This makes the evening the ideal time to take care of your skin and adopt rituals that will do wonders overnight!



As taking care of your skin is an essential step before going to bed, CODAGE wanted to transform this evening routine into a real moment of well-being. On the program: gentle skincare products and fine scented products that will prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep. Let’s go for cocooning in three steps!


Makeup removal is often seen as a “duty” after a long workday. With our Cleansing Balm, it will be completely different. Its creamy balm texture, which turns into oil upon contact with skin and then into milk upon contact with water, gives each user a unique experience of relaxation. Infused with hemp oil, it relaxes while removing even the most stubborn make-up, while its gentle fragrance soothes even the most stressed minds. Don’t forget to perfect this cleansing with one of CODAGE’s foaming cleansers for a perfect double cleansing! In the comfort of your bathroom, you will see your face’s impurities fly away and with them your daily concerns. Wonderful!

Baume démaquillant tout doux


Harshly strained during the day, thirsty, our skin needs some comfort once night falls. After the makeup removal session, we should treat it to a real shot of hydration with CODAGE Serum N°01, formulated to penetrate the dehydrated layers of the epidermis and fill them with water. Hydrated and replenished, skin regains all its softness and comfort. The big asset of this serum? Its soothing agents that calm sensitive and reactive skin and prepare it for the sweetest sleep.

Sérum Hydratation Intense


 It’s almost bedtime, but before falling into the arms of Morpheus, we indulge in an ultimate moment of pleasure by applying CODAGE Night Cream to our face. A cosy cream with a rich, creamy texture and a delicate fragrance that envelops the skin with a soothing veil just before nightfall. As a bonus, its concentration of shea butter, hyaluronic acid and green microalgae will deeply nourish the skin and promote cell regeneration during sleep. A restorative concentrate that guarantees sweet dreams…

Crème de Nuit onctueuse

With CODAGE, taking care of yourself at night will be more pleasant than ever … Let’s adopt without further delay this cocooning routine just before a good night’s sleep!