Meet Malka Braun, makeup artist

Meet Malka Braun, makeup artist recognised in her field and in love with the CODAGE products. Immersed in the world of beauty from an early age, she has made it a vocation. Very close to her parents with whom she shared a common passion, she dreamed of having a “factory to transform women so that they feel beautiful and happy when they go out”. She always knew how to listen to women and their well-being because, in order to sublimate them, makeup must be a way to reveal them without transforming them. Very soon, she was appointed to world and music artists (Zazie, Alain Souchon ..)

There is not a single day that she regrets her career choice. Today, she shares her passion through this exclusive interview in which she gives us her experience as a make-up artist for the French film “Monsieur je-sais-tout”, a comedy drama directed by François Prévôt-Leygonie and Stephan Archinard, released in cinemas on May 09, 2018. In charge of the make-up of each of the actors (Arnaud Ducret, Max Baissette of Malglaive, Alice David ..) she shares her favorites CODAGE as well as some anecdotes from her experience on this shoot.

C: Who is behind Malka Braun?

MB: “My name is Malka Braun, and so I am a makeup artist on film shootings. I’ve been passionate about make-up since the age of five (for the record, I said I wanted to become” QUAmilleuse “because I had I could not say “Makeup Artist”). I have always wanted to do this job and it was at my 20s that I started it! I really like working with singers and there are some with whom I have been working for 33 years now! ”

Monsieur je sais tout

C: What made you want to be part of this film project?

MB: “A lot of things made me want to be part of this film, first of all, the two directors, François Prévôt-Leygonie and Stephan Archinard, with whom I had already worked five years ago. It was for the music video of their first film, “Sincere Friends”. Then they offered me the chance to work with them on this movie “Monsieur je-sais-tout.” I did not want to miss this opportunity because they are 2 directors that I love. After that, I met the actors Arnaud Ducret, Max Baissette Malglaive, Alice David. I discovered a film so touching and that “speaks to my heart”. Not to mention the atmosphere we had on this shoot. For me there will be a before and after in my life, both professional and emotional. It is a turning point in my life and I will never forget this shoot which was a marvel at all levels. ”


C: Have you applied a specific makeup on each actor?

MB: “Yes I made a specific makeup according to the actors. The two directors told me what they expected for each of them. In the case of Arnaud Ducret (the main actor) I sent them an upstream photo to show them the type of work I wanted to do on him. They agreed with me : we really wanted him to look handsome, the features of his face to be highlighted. Regarding the lead actress, Alice David, we wanted her to be natural, and it was easy because of her beauty. The goal was not to feel my makeup”.

C: Why did you think of CODAGE to accompany the filming of “Monsieur je-sais-tout”?

MB: “I immediately thought about the CODAGE products because I knew there would be a lot of women to makeup (but also men of course) but above all, I knew that the brand would appeal to all actors. ”



C: What CODAGE products did you use during filming?

MB: “I was inspired to use the CODAGE products during my make-up sessions on the set. I mainly used the creams on the actors (the Day Cream because the texture is ideal to prepare the skin for makeup) and the Night Cream after makeup removal. ”




C: How did you discover the CODAGE brand?

MB: “I discovered the CODAGE brand thanks to one of my comedians friends – Fabien Ducommun – who inspired me to discover this French brand. So I followed his advice and I learned to discover CODAGE, of which I became a fan right away ! I just simply love it ! Whether it’s the smell or the effect that serums and creams can provide when I apply them on my face! ”


C: For how long have you been using CODAGE products?

MB: “It is now almost two years since I started using CODAGE products. By the way, I’ve introduced the brand to other makeup friends, and I told them,”Come and discover these products that I love. ” And that’s what they did! ”

C: What are your favorite products CODAGE?

MB: “If I had to choose, it would be Serum N°01 “Intense Hydration”, N°03 “Radiance & Energy” and N°06 “Anti-Aging Supreme “. I also use the Cream Day (morning) and Night Cream (evening). ”


C: Any anecdotes to share with us?

MB: “I saw the film in projection. So obviously, at first I was focusing on my makeups,”does the result look good ? “And then I was quickly absorbed by the story and by this relationship between this boy and his uncle. For a moment, it was as if I was not on the set. I experienced the emotions of the film: I was moved, I laughed… It is so tender and at the same time an important message stands out : hope! ”



C: Do you have any projects in progress?

MB: “I’m starting a new film soon about dance. This is the director’s first production of the play” Les Inseparables “and written by our two directors François Prévôt-Leygonie and Stephan Archinard.”

-We thank Malka to have dedicated her time for this interview-

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