Going with the summer glow with CODAGE Paris!

Looking for the perfect complexion for bright sunny days? CODAGE Paris designed THE ultimate summer routine to boost skin’s natural radiance. Get ready to glow in only 3 steps with CODAGE.


1. How to prep my skin for the summer glow routine with CODAGE?

Clean, neat skin is an absolute must for any skincare routine. It is all the more important to achieve luminous face skin: indeed, clogged pores are the first step to dull complexion. The double cleansing technique is the go to solution to reveal the true radiance of the skin.
Starting off with the Cleansing Balm, a rich, enveloping texture that efficiently removes oily buildup: get rid of makeup residues, excess sebum and pollution. Then comes the Cleansing Cream to clean the skin from dust and perspiration, therefore unclogging the pores while maintaining hydration and moisturization. Its secret weapon? It is enriched with Apricot Kernel Oil, a powerful radiance revealing agent.
Once to twice a week, the Scrubbing Cream intensifies the deep cleaning process thanks to a gentle yet efficient scrub. Packed with oligo elements such as Copper, Zinc and Manganese, it enhances the cell renewal mechanism and stimulates the cutaneous tissues for a visibly more luminous complexion.

cleansing balm scrubbing cream


2. How to reveal the radiance of your skin?

A rejuvenating, detoxifying, glow-boosting cocktail? Introducing Serum N°03, an incredible concentrate of light-revealing agents. Plant-based Taurine and Murunga Plum extract to awaken skin’s natural glow, overperforming anti-wrinkling agents to smooth the skin and vitamin C to energize and hydrate the cutaneous system: that is the ultimate combination to accentuate your glow and wear a divine radiant skin without any makeup on. Not leaving behind the delicate zone of the eye contour: for relaxed, luminous gaze, we bet on Serum N°10. It erases dark circles, rubs out wrinkles and fine lines to rejuvenate the skin to bright up the zone. Instant glow guaranteed!

nutri-élément éclat Serum N°10


3. How to protect my skin after my summer glow routine?

It is a mission for the Day Cream: this smooth, melting emulsion captures natural light and leaves the skin fresh and comfortable – ideal for the season. Enriched as well with Plant-based Taurine and Apricot Kernel Oil, it enhances the “glow revealing” effect of the routine for deliciously radiant, soft and protected skin. Lastly, for a fresh hydration boost, The Moisturizing Skincare Water is your best allies: its travel size format makes it easy and handy to use and carry at any time of the day.

moisturizing day cream skincare water


Say hello to that dreamy summer glow with CODAGE’s 3-steps routine!