CODAGE solutions to get radiant skin

Temperatures are cooling down, the days are getting shorter and shorter and the last sunny afternoons have been replaced by dull and rainy days … Yes, autumn is well and truly here! And with it, a possible drop in energy and a skin that looks dull, as if devitalized, lacking radiance. Here are our advice, products and treatment protocol to regain a fresh and luminous complexion despite autumn.

“– Mirror, why does my skin look dull ?”

Teint terne face au miroir

The seasonal cycle, and the changes it brings, affect our skin. In autumn, the decreasing amount of daylight, the drop in temperature and the ambient humidity have a negative effect on the epidermis, which must adapt to this transition period. The skin gradually loses its tone and radiance, just as trees lose their leaves as sap withdraws from the branches.

“– If you use CODAGE products, there won’t be anyone more radiant than you”

To get rid of dull skin, CODAGE Paris has prepared for you an exclusive fall skincare routine to adopt every morning. Instant glow guaranteed!

1) The Cleansing Cream booster of radiance

Nettoyer sa peau avec Codage

In addition to deeply cleansing your skin, CODAGE Cleansing Cream will also instantly illuminate your face’s complexion. It contains Extracts of Moringa, a leaf known for its energizing and illuminating benefits, as well as Apricot Seed Oil which, due to its content of Vitamins A and E, will revitalize and boost radiance.

How to use the Cleansing Cream ?

Apply the CODAGE Cleansing Cream every morning to wet face and neck by performing circular motions. Rinse with clear water then dry the skin.

2) The brightness revealing Scrubbing Cream

Exfoliez votre peau avec la Crème gommante CODAGE

After the cleansing, the exfoliation! Thanks to its Fine Rice Particles, the CODAGE Scrubbing Cream will first of all rid your skin of its impurities and dead cells, and therefore reduce grayish look. Then, its numerous Oligo-elements (Copper, Manganese and Zinc) will stimulate cell renewal and tissue regeneration, thus instantly awakening and energizing your skin. Luminosity and radiance are amplified.

How to use the Scrubbing Cream ?

Use the CODAGE Scrubbing Cream once or twice a week, alternately with the Micro-Peeling Mask, a light emulsion made up of AHA, BHA and fruit enzymes enhancing radiance. Skin is guaranteed to look new.

3) The Serum N°03 Radiance & Energy booster

Booster l'éclat de votre peau avec le Sérum N°3

A fantastic concentrate of active nutrition, the CODAGE Serum N°03 has been specially formulated to detoxify and revive the radiance of dull skins. Enriched with Green Micro-algae as well as Vitamins A, C and E, it will recharge your skin with energy and give it an unmatched radiance. As a bonus, its biostimulating action increases collagen synthesis and prevents the first signs of aging. A true elixir of cellular energy that will leave your skin regenerated and more radiant than ever.

How to use the Serum N°03 ?

Apply the CODAGE Serum N°03 to the facial skin using ascending movements. Finish with a few taps, with the fingertips, for a better absorption.

4) The light capturing Day Cream

Illuminez votre peau avec la Crème de jour CODAGE

You finally just have to apply the CODAGE Day Cream, a fine and creamy emulsion, which will allow your skin to keep its radiance throughout the day. Its Dunaliella Salina Micro-algae, saturated in carotenoids, glycerol and vitamins, will instantly dress your skin with light and will durably embellish the skin’s texture. For a sublime and luminous complexion.

How to use the Day Cream ?

Apply the CODAGE Day Cream to the face, neck and décolleté, and massage in a few strokes to improve blood circulation and tone the skin.

Conseils d’utilisation de la Crème de Jour :

Appliquez la Crème de Jour CODAGE sur le visage, le cou et le décolleté en prenant soin de réaliser quelques mouvements de modelage pour réactiver la circulation et tonifier la peau.

5) The Peel & Glow, the 30-minute express facial treatment from the Maison CODAGE

Soin en institut CODAGE

This treatment performed on a recliner in our Atelier space at the Maison CODAGE Paris will bring you a perfect glowy complexion in only 30 minutes! Don’t wait any longer and book your visit here.

To regain radiance and combat the autumn season, do not wait any longer to discover CODAGE’s products and treatments. Trying them out means adopting them!