Full steam ahead Antartica

To protect your skin in extreme cold conditions, nothing better than an active ingredient discovered in Antarctica. This rare active contained in OH MY COLD, CODAGE Paris serum for winter, boosts cells to maintain an optimal level of moisturization and accelerate skin renewal when our metabolism has been slowed down by the cold. A natural skin dopper for a healthy and comfortable skin.

Of cold and skin

The cold slows down the regenerative and repairing functions of our skin. The vasoconstriction operated by our metabolism to maintain the skin temperature at 37°C slows the bloodstream down and thus cells refuelling. In parallel, sebaceous glands produce less sebum and sweat. Despite the negative image we have of these two, they are absolutely necessary to the hydrolipidic film protective role, the body first shield from the environment.

Consequently, skin mechanisms work less efficiently. The skin becomes fragile and sensitised. How do you know? You feel twinges and rough patches on your skin.


Protecting the skin from cold

To protect your skin and prevent it from suffering from cold, a skincare must:


1.Protect skin essential functions with proper moisturization.

2Boost skin renewal and defense mecanisms.


A Cryoprotective Nutri-element


Formulated to protect the skin from cold temperatures, [Hi] is the star Nutri-element of CODAGE Paris winter special edition serum named OH MY COLD (its name sounds onomatopoeic to you, doesn’t it?). With this skincare, you can walk through Manhattan during the winter months or wait on ski lifts for ages without any consequence! It is made for comforting and moisturizing your skin. Furthermore, it accelerates the skin healing process in the most extreme conditions. How is this possible?

serum-peau-special-hiver[Hi] contains one single active, and the best one for that need: the Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica from… Antarctica! Who could have guessed It was during a scientific expedition on the last virgin continent, that spanish scientists discovered this marine bacteria that lives on icebergs (yes, some bacteria are actually good ones!). As it develops itself on and in ice, it produces a substance that protects living cells from freezing. A freeze-free substance turning this bacteria into a protective and healing power for your skin, helping cell renewal.

It acts on the conjunctive tissue (which is aimed at maintaining and protecting all other tissues of the body), where it stimulates fibroblasts adhesion. And the fibroblasts actually produce collagen. So, when stimulated, they produce more collagen (+125% collagen I, +81% collagen IV). As a consequence, fibroblast stimulation makes the skin more resistant and suppler (+31% elastin). Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica helps fighting against viruses and bad bacterias, an essential during the winter months.

Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica also stimulates keratynocytes growth (+ 36 %) and thus the epidermis shedding, to help skin renewal, scarring over and resistance against cold temperatures. How do keratinocytes work? They form themselves within the basal layer (the most profound of the epidermis) where they divide into two cells. One cell remains in the basal layer to give birth to others, the second one travels for 45 days across all layers to finally reach the corneum stratum, forming the solid and waterproof membrane on top of the skin, first shield of the body against our surrounding environment. They also carry out water across all the epidermis layers.

In other words, stimulating keratinocytes enables to renew the skin, maintain and improve its suppleness, for a healthy, moisturized skin, deprived of rough patches caused by the cold. An in vivo study carried on women also drew out an efficacy of Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica on wrinkles depth (-44% when applied twice a day at a 5% concentration for 30 days).





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