Winter is back and, as usual, it is bringing its share of skin discomfort, facial flushes and dull complexion.
Harsh temperatures can be damaging and downright painful to the skin during wold winter periods. You most likely noticed it, it has its own way of letting you know: it feels tight, looks tired and uneven, it lacks elasticity. You can also experience redness or itching. CODAGE helps you to understand these cues sent by your skin and thus adapt your facial routine to the cold weather.



When temperatures drop, each type of skin has its own way of reacting. What is a sure thing though, is that dry and sensitive skin is the first to suffer from the harshness of winter. This is how they express it:

The skin feels taut and less supple

Our skin has incredible resources when it comes to managing moisture retention: it produces fatty acids that prevent water evaporation, thus keeping it perfectly hydrated. Unfortunately, when the weather is cold, the production of these molecules has a tendency to slow down: this natural shield is weakened and skin is therefore more sensitive to drought. As a result, the skin feels tight and a tugging sensation may appear.

Cheeks become red and irritated

Cozy warmth indoor, extreme cold outdoor… Skin does not have the tools to handle such a temperature drop: it is a real thermal shock! The small blood vessels on the face switch between contraction and dilation, the skin blood supply is compromised. As a result: diffused redness around the cheeks and nose area, sensation of irritation, the skin is all the more sensitive to the cold.

The complexion is dull and uneven

In this weather, who wouldn’t say no to a couple months of hibernation… that is what skin does! Aggressed and irritated by harsh temperatures – wind, cold, rain and so on – the cutaneous system reacts by slowing down. Cell renewal takes more time and is less effective. The build-up of dead skin cells is responsible for an irregular skin texture and blurred complexion. No thank you!

In a nutshell, skin and cold do not see eye to eye, and they know how to make it clear!

the winter cold effects on face skin how the winter cold affects the skin



No choice whatsoever: solutions to heal your damaged skin must be found, and quick! Lucky for you, at CODAGE, we happen to know just the right beauty-step to add to your skincare routine this winter season.
Our Oh my Cold Serum might be the appropriate solution to wintery skin annoyance. Designed to provide comfort and soothing to skin weakened by the cold, this repairing and intensely hydrating facial care product acts in the right place at the right time:

  • It helps combat skin dryness by alleviating the fatty acids and water molecules deficiencies, thus providing the skin with a powerful anti-dehydration shield. Bye-bye tugging skin sensations!
  • It effectively stimulates the natural irrigation of the skin to avoid unwelcome redness and associated irritation;
  • Last but not least, it enhances metabolism in order to speed-up the regeneration of the skin and get rid of the accumulation of dead cells. Hello peach-skin touch and radiant complexion!
CODAGE Serum to fight against winter and cold Oh My Cold Serum from CODAGE for the winter

You and your skin are now perfectly equipped to enjoy a most glowy winter season with CODAGE!