CODAGE x Chantal Lehmann – The epitome of facialism

Chantal Lehmann x CODAGE

CODAGE renews its unique expertise in facialism and customized treatments through new facial gestures designed by Chantal Lehmann, an expert in holistic massages and professional treatments.



There are more than 50 muscles that make up your facial structure. Some of them, more strained than others, end up getting tight, even when at rest. This can cause skin depressions that gradually deepen and become expression lines. On the other hand, some other muscles are not used as much as they should be and therefore lose their shape while the skin may lose its firmness.
Cellular workout, practiced by aesthetic professionals, uses expert techniques and gestures to reactivate facial muscles: little-used areas become more toned, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage improve, skin tone increases, facial contours are reshaped, hollowed-out areas gain volume, and tense areas unwind. Used on a regular basis, cellular workout can slow down the aging process, but also correct emerging or existing skin issues.



Chantal Lehmann is a renowned massage therapist with an extraordinary expertise inspired by her experiences all over the world, which she is constantly developing. She has succeeded in creating a true holistic approach to massage using a variety of gestures.
Her specialty? Using the incredible potential of hands to keep the face “in shape” in every sense of the word, and in a natural way. The aim is to train facial muscles just like body muscles, either in Elongation or in Bodybuilding. Applied to the face, these two techniques allow Chantal Lehmann to genuinely reshape the face by stimulating the skin systems. Like a real cellular workout, she trains through her protocols the facial muscles, which are likely to react twice as fast as those of the body if properly treated.

Chantal Lehmann Chantal Lehmann the expert in manual lifting



CODAGE has been using cellular workout technique at the heart of its facial protocols since its very beginning. And CODAGE made it 100% personalized: it is performed with highly concentrated, customized cocktails of active ingredients, and consists of a combination of massage techniques that stimulate the muscles of the face, lift, tone and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.



CODAGE renews its unique expertise in facialism and customized treatments with a new facial protocol developed by Chantal Lehmann, an expert in holistic facial massage and treatments, and a master of cellular workout. This brand new Soin Magistral will be available exclusively at CODAGE’s signature spas in September 2021, and will be performed from beginning to end like a music score!

codage facial


With this collaboration with Chantal Lehmann, Maison CODAGE Paris raises its facial protocols to an ultimate level of effectiveness! Now, all you have to do is try them out from September 2021!