Boost your skin’s radiance in 3 steps

This year more than ever, we all want a luminous complexion for the upcoming festive evenings… Bingo, CODAGE has prepared a 100% glow skincare routine to awaken your skin’s natural radiance before the start of celebrations. And this, in only three steps. Let us show you the way!



At CODAGE, we are committed to understanding what is happening to your cells in order to provide you with the best possible treatments. Let’s then try to understand more in detail the loss of skin radiance phenomenon. Many reasons can explain it:

  • The decrease in light intensity and, more specifically, the lower exposure to UVs,
  • The (over) exposure to pollution and other environmental impurities,
  • The lack of hydration,
  • The stress levels,
  • Seasonal changes and temperature drops,
  • The lack of sleep…

With winter just around the corner and the holiday season still looking busy and stressful, it seems normal that skin loses some of its tone and radiance at this time of the year.



To get rid of your dull complexion and glow over the holidays, CODAGE has prepared an exclusive three-step skincare routine for you. Instant radiance is guaranteed!


The shine boosting Cleansing Cream

In addition to deep cleansing your skin, CODAGE Cleansing Cream will also instantly illuminate your facial complexion. It contains Moringa Extracts, a leaf known for its energizing and illuminating properties, as well as Apricot Kernel Oil which, thanks to its content of vitamins A and E, helps revitalize and boost skin’s radiance.

The Brightness Revealing Scrubbing Cream

After cleansing, let’s exfoliate! Thanks to its fine Particles of Rice Grain, CODAGE Exfoliating Cream will rid the skin of its impurities and dead cells, and thus degrease the complexion. Its many Oligo-elements (Copper, Manganese and Zinc) will also stimulate cell renewal, awakening and energizing your skin instantly. Brightness and radiance are enhanced.

Cleansing Cream Face cleansing


The brightness activator Serum N°03

A remarkable concentrate of active nutrition, CODAGE Serum N°03 has been specially formulated to detoxify and awaken the radiance of dull skin. Enriched with Green Microalgae as well as Vitamins A, C and E, it will recharge your skin with energy and give it an unmatched radiance. As a bonus, its biostimulating action increases collagen synthesis and prevents the first signs of aging.

Energizing Eye Serum N°10

Full of brightening and detoxifying active ingredients, CODAGE Serum N°10 is a complete eye contour care product that promises to erase traces of skin fatigue and restore vitality to the eyes despite short nights and intense rhythm in this hectic period of year-end. In addition, it contains ingredients that act on the first signs of aging. A true elixir of cellular energy!

Serum N°10 Eye serum


The Light Capturing Day Cream

CODAGE Day Cream, a fine and melting emulsion, will finally allow your skin to keep its radiance throughout the day. Indeed, its Dunaliella Salina Microalgae, saturated in carotenoids, glycerol and vitamins, will instantly dress your skin with light and will durably embellish it. For a perfectly enhanced and luminous complexion.

The Vitality Activating Skin Care Water

Highly concentrated in active ingredients, CODAGE Skin Care Water brings a real glow to the face each time it is sprayed. As a plus, it helps makeup last longer for a perfect shine throughout the end-of-year festivities!

Moisturizing Skin Care Water Face moisture


You now know how to restore your skin’s radiance and regain your glow before your festive evenings. All we have left to do is to wish you a beautiful end of year and joyful celebrations with CODAGE!