Listen to your body and adopt the ultimate summer skincare routine by CODAGE!

In the summertime, the body skin undergoes new types of external aggressions: the sun and its UV rays, sand, the AC… They all have an impact of the body skin, making it dry, dehydrated and fragile. In a nutshell, it is now time to take special care of it! CODAGE introduces the ultimate summer body routine to meet the specific needs of the skin during the summer.


How to prepare your skin for the routine?

The first key move to ensure care product absorption? Good and gentle cleansing. In this delicate summer season, we are all for a soft cleanse with the Hand & Body Cleansing Gel: this gentle soapless cleanser enriched with soothing Aloe Vera removes all impurities to leave a soft, clean skin, ready for the routine.

Next step: exfoliating. Once to twice a week, exfoliating helps get rid of dead cells and gives a boost to cell regeneration: go for our last innovation, the Exfoliating Balm! It also ensures an even tanning all summer long when used consistently over the season.

exfoliating balm the body gel for summer


How to act at the heart of the body epidermis?

Hydrate, nourish. The two key words to meet the needs of the skin in spring-summer. The Intense Moisturizing Concentrated Body Milk is the best ally of thirsty skin: since first application, it deeply hydrates the epidermis. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it visibly gives the skin a plump. It is comfortable and supple. And because the season is full of aggressions (sunburns, shaving irritation…), the Skin Recovery Concentrated Body Milk provides the cutaneous metabolism with a unique cocktail of repairing, soothing and restructuring agents. Lastly, for those of you seeking that “fresh boost” in the hot summer weather, stop looking: the Slimming and Drainage Concentrated Body Milk, enriched with menthol, offers an immediate refreshing feel and helps you get rid of any heaviness in the legs. For other targeted skin needs (dark spots, cellulite, water retention, loss of firmness…), discover now the collection of Concentrated Body Milks CODAGE and find just the right one for your skin type.

moisturizing body milks body milks collection


How do I finish my routine with a protection step?

For a flawless finish, the protection step is essential: it perfects the benefits of the routine. And because in this season no one says no to a little extra glow, CODAGE offers The Oil: a true protective shield that beautifies the skin. This mix of 8 protecting and moisturizing synergic oils soothes the epidermis and leaves it smelling of delicious summer.

The Oil by CODAGE


Now that your skin is ready for it, head right into the summer with CODAGE!