Summertime: avoid the skin heat stroke with CODAGE!

Avoid skin heat strokes with CODAGEAvoid skin heat strokes with CODAGE

Ever heard about heat strokes? This summer phenomenon, also known as hyperthermia, occurs when the body is overexposed to the sun. It naturally reacts: headaches, nausea, shivers… But did you know that the skin can also suffer from a heat stroke? Before, during or after sun exposure, CODAGE offers you simple skincare moves to enjoy a beautiful and appeased summer!


Heat stroke: how does it affect my skin?

Dry skin: When overheating, the skin, as the body’s natural barrier, is the first to be impacted. First it is warm to the touch, then it quickly becomes dry, it is tugging and cracking: those are the symptoms of dehydrated skin.
Vasodilation: under the influence of heat, the blood vessels widen, causing swollen limbs (skin edema). Vasodilation is also responsible for the very well known « heavy legs » sensation.
Sweating: to dissipate heat, the body over produces perspiration. The issue? It contributes to dehydrating the cutaneous tissue, therefore making it ever more vulnerable to external aggressions.
Rashes: skin is fragilized when exposed to UV rays: it is more sensitive and more likely to be irritated. Skin redness, sun allergies and other type of cutaneous rashes might occur when the skin is underprepared for sun and heat exposure.

nutri-element Et - heat protection heat stroke on the skin


SOS CODAGE: what skincare should I use to face the summer heat?

Facial skincare:

Face skin is thinner and more fragile: it has to be thoroughly protected and deeply regenerated. CODAGE provides you with a three-steps routine:

  • Before: under your Day Cream, offer your skin adapted protection with the Summer Time Serum, the special edition. Designed with the Nutri-Elements [Et], [Heat Protection] and [Ma], [Mattifying], it balances the production of sebum while offering an overperforming shield against heat. The hydrolipidic barrier’s efficiency is restored to avoid any water loss;
  • During: the Moisturizing & Mattifying Skin Care Waters are precious and powerful allies against heat strokes. They purify, mattify, moisturize and give the skin a boost, all in one refreshing beauty gesture. The little extra? A spray format, super easy to carry and use everywhere;
  • After: it is time for intense “skin regeneration mode”: the Serum N°08 deeply nourishes the tissues by providing them all the nutrients they need to appear brand new in the morning. Don’t hesitate to mix & match: the Serum Skin Recovery is truly a must-have for vulnerable skins: healing, appeasing and ultra-moisturizing, it repairs the skin in depth.
face skin and heat stroke serum anti-heat stroke

Body skincare:

  • Keep our soft cleanser, the Hand & Body Cleansing Gel, close to you for your daily refreshing showers;
  • The Slimming & Draining Concentrated Body Milk improves microcirculation to fight heavy leg sensation, water retention and limb swelling. Enriched with menthol, it provides the skin with an immediate refreshing effect: vital for the summer season!
fresh shower with gentle cleansing gel refreshing shower gel


Sunscreen in one hand, CODAGE’s essentials against heat strokes in the other: you are now ready to enjoy a well-deserved summer!