Source: Gallica Bibliothèque Nationale de FranceSource: Gallica Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Between monday and friday, you can see your under-eye area color become darker. Nonetheless, both endogenous and exogenous factors cause dark circles. To lessen their appearance, several elements must be targeted by your skincare. Follow the guide…


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The skin in this area is the thinest of the face and the less opaque, covering a complex network of blood vessels.

Often rather bluish, the dark circles cover the orbital area, and thus for a long long time… Their appearance is not surprising once we know that the skin around the eye is the thinest of the face, from 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters thick. This skin, thus more fragile and less opaque, covers a complex network of micro-capillaries, including blood vessels.

When inherrited genetically, the dark circles are often due to an over-pigmentation of the infraorbital skin, darker than the overall skin pigmentation. In this case, treating the area can help lessen but never erase the dark circles entirely.

Lack of sleep, anxiety, pollution, outside temperatures are the most common exogenous factors that slow down blood and lymphatic circulation and damage the capillaries resistance. Degraded capillaries result in blood pigments leakages. These pigments stagnate in the tissues and oxidize. Hence the bluish tint of dark circles.




To fade dark-circles away, one must :

1.Maintain capillaries resistance to stop blood pigment leakages and prevent angiogenesis (the formation of new capillaries, i.e. new micro blood vessels).

2Improve micro-circulation around the eye-contour area to drain blood pigments out and prevent their stagnation in tissues and oxydation, causing the purple-ish color. 




Anti Dark Circles

        Angiogenesis-Inhibition-1  “Cn” stands for dark circle in French. This Nutri-Element developped by CODAGE Paris also compose the Eye Contour Serums N°10 & N°11 and the Eye Contour Cream. This Nutri-Element is composed of several active ingredients, [Cna], [Cnb] and [Cnc],  all patented. Among them, [Cnb] is an extract of a green and unicellular micro-algae, Chlorella Vulgaris, that appeared on earth two billion years ago. It stimulates collagen production and elastin synthesis to prevent angio-genesis [figure 1] – and thus blood pigments leakage, and cover the existing capillaries to reduce the size and lessen the color intensity of the dark circles.

Furthermore, this micro-algae  stimulates the micro-circulation and thus improve the draining of pigments, water and fat particles causing both the coloration and puffiness of the under-eye area. It also acts on the dark circles ‘redness’ (-15% of the red color in 28 days when applied twice a day, -25% in 84 days) and on pigmentation, making this Nutri-element efficient for hereditary dark circles as well (-19% pigmentation) [figure 2].

To complete Chloella Vulgaris effects, CODAGE Paris associated to it : an alloy of two matrikines [Cna ], supporting iron elimination and reinforcing capillary resistance, thus reducing the intensity of both blue and red colors (-19%), with [Cnc], and an alloy of three synergetic natural extracts reducing puffiness (-64% in one month when applied twice a day). At the same time, this matrikine alloy also increases collagen production. How does it work ? Matrikines are collagen fragments sending chemical messages to fibroplasts -cells that produce collagen-, to tell them to produce some new ones.

Nothing artificial, just mechanical !