CODAGE beauty tips for year-end festivities

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For this end of year, CODAGE gives you advice and beauty tips for the year-end festivities…

December marks the end of the year with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, two events that blend rich meals and short nights. This season also means to look great with a beautiful skin and an elegant dress.

The care and the health of your skin are determining in your look. With fatigue and oxydative stress, it is time to take care of your skin. Fatigue and stress tend to have an impact on skin radiance, dark circles and puffiness.
For CODAGE, theses skin issues are mainly treated thanks to  3 nutrients.

[Ec] Radiance :Boosts cellular energy and enhances skin clarity for an unsurpassed radiance.
To sustain and restore the skin’s original radiance, the first priority is to increase the skin cells’ energy level to improve their metabolism and stimulate synthesis of the main building blocks of its membrane. Next, it is essential to improve the skin’s overall protective capacity by increasing its level of hydration and antioxidant capacity. This will ensure preservation of the skin’s transparency and a radiant complexion.
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[Cn] Dark circles :Reactivates microcirculation and reduces skin colouring to prevent and correct the appearance of dark circles.
To lessen these dark circles, several elements need to be addressed. First, the integrity of the capillaries needs to be maintained and new ones prevented from forming. Next, microcirculation should be improved to support the elimination of blood pigments and to prevent their storage in skin tissue.
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[Pc] Puffiness: Reduces the volume of under-eye pouches by relieving congestion and restoring elasticity to skin tissue to smooth the skin around the eyes. 
To reduce the volume of under-eye pouches, water leakage must be eliminated and its reabsorption increased. To do this, the permeability of the capillaries must be reduced, followed by a decongesting and draining action. Finally, a biostimulating action to restore elasticity to the skin around the eyes smoothes and firms the skin, thereby reducing the volume of under-eye pouches.
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Did you know it?

CODAGE uses an active ingredient named Chlorella vulgaris, a species of green algae with detoxifying properties and which helps to eliminate toxins and increase immune defenses.
Composed of 60% of plant proteins, enzymes, vitamins (A, B, C and E), unsaturated essential fatty acids, minerals, it is also one of the plants that contain a very high percentage of chlorophyll. The chlorophyll is supposed to oxygenate the organism, maintain the acid-based balance and stimulate the immune system through the famous Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), the only one plant to have this factor. This substance accelerates cell growth and helps to maintain the integrity of the healthy cells.

Our selection of products for year-end festivities:

Sérum n°3Serum n°3 : Radiance & Energy

  •  Detoxifying and energising effect (ideal against signs of jet-lag, fatigue, lack of sleep, mornings after nights out)
  •  Instant boost of radiance
  •  Erases all signs of skin fatigue, relaxes drawn-looking features (Botox-like effect)
  •  Prevents and corrects the first signs of aging (< 30 years)


Serno10_15ml_bb_codage_1um n°10: Anti-aging & energy 

  • Anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness
  • Detoxifies and energises to erase signs of fatigue
  • Corrects and prevents the first signs of aging



Serum n°11no11_15ml_bb_codage_1: Anti-aging supreme 

  • Anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness
  • Treats the signs of aging visible in the eye contour area: wrinkles, loss of firmness, dark spots, dark circles, puffiness (eye serum equivalent to SERUM No. 06)
  • Ultimate concentrate of anti-aging technologies



Eye contour cream: Anti-aging, dark circles and puffiness creme-contour-des-yeux-anti-age-cernes-1

  •  Creamy balm-like texture
  •  A true all-around multi-corrector: 360° effect on the entire eye contour area
  • Gives eyes a lift by smoothing out crows feet, wrinkles and fine lines, drains away puffiness and erases unsightly dark circles